Exposure Triangle

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Exposure Triangle

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At our September 28, 2015 meeting, Brenda MacDougall displayed video tutorials to explain the Exposure Triangle. Then it was time for our first Hands-on Session. Club members including several new members and guests brought their cameras, tripods, lights and props to create images using their camera’s manual settings. Several stations were available and members were able to create their images, discuss techniques and share their equipment.

For those who missed the meeting or want a review, here’s a couple of quick tutorials — Exposure Triangle and  Learning About Exposure –The Exposure Triangle. Bryan Peterson’s book Understanding Exposure: How to Shoot Great Pictures with any Camera, 3rd ed. is highly recommended and available from amazon.ca.

Grant created intriguing images using his “home made” lightbox and found a new use for serger thread cones, plastic utensils, and patchwork material. Some members can be seen below setting up their equipment and discussing techniques.





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