Past Events

Field Trips

Seven members participated in our most recent Scavenger Hunt on May 24, 2015.

Members were invited to join John Gordon and the Langley Field Naturalists on the Grant Narrows Bird Walk on April 24th, 2015.

Steve Kazemir - Brackendale Eagle

During 2013-2014 members enjoyed a variety of group activities including trips to capture photos of eagles in Brackendale and Harrison Mills, the Super Moon, an Alphabet Scavenger Hunt with slideshow presentations and adventures to other interesting locations throughout the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

Photography Challenges

Up The Creek_BannerDuring the Summer of 2014, members completed their “homework” assignments which included a variety of photographic subjects including running water, landscapes, angles, garden ornaments, small, etc.


During the Fall of 2014, members were given two more challenges – Running Water and Landscapes. The landscape challenge followed an excellent presentation on Landscape Photography by Clive Lunn.



Photography Challenges of Restaurant Food 14 Pic - Food

and Faceless Portraits were displayed in May, 2015.19 - Faceless 3


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