Lighting Solutions for Product Photography

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Lighting Solutions for Product Photography

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Pottery and Photography by Lewis Kennett


Have you ever tried to get that perfect picture only to find your light source, tripod, camera or even you were reflected on the surface of your subject? This is the challenge all photographers face when attempting to capture the beauty of shiny, reflective, multif-faceted objects with texture. Or have you noticed your spherical objects being “eaten away” at the edges by light?

Our meeting on January 26, 2015 included a presentation on Product Photography by Lewis Kennett. Lewis shared several lighting solutions for these challenges.

Using visual examples, Lewis demonstrated how we could use various tips and techniques such as double diffusion to create images that truly capture the essential elements of our subjects. He clearly explained why the images needed to be taken in a way that fit in with the needs of the client.

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Do we need professional, costly studio equipment? Not necessarily. My next shopping trip just might be to a linen store for white sheets and a hardware store for PVC tubing.

Lewis also recommended the book – Light, Science & Magic. (Definitely not “light” reading, this book offers “comprehensive theory of the nature and principles of light.” A new edition will be out March 2015 and is available from for pre-order.



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