Faceless Portraits and Restaurant Food

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Faceless Portraits and Restaurant Food

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Our May 11 and May 25 meetings focused on the Challenges: Faceless Portraits and Restaurant Food.

On May 11, members submitted up to 6 images for the enjoyment of the club and it was very clear that creativity and imagination were used in the interpretation of these challenges, in particular for Faceless Portraits.

For example, Lewis created a Portrait of Air, while Harry lost his head. 

1 Lewis Kennett

2 Harry VoseYou can view all images submitted on May 11 here.




Antoinette’s photograph of food shown below was inspired by the work of Matija Erceg who pairs food with everyday objects. Examples of Matija’s work were also displayed.

_IGP5051 as Smart Object-1








On May 25, members selected three images from the Faceless Portrait and Restaurant Food for critique by members. Harry started off the evening critique with two images found on the web. Members were invited to share their ideas about the composition/framing, focus/DOF, Exposure/Use of Light and Presentation/Impact. Both images were unique and generated a great deal of conversation.

11 Pic - Crystal Friar

Then the members submissions were evaluated using the same criteria.  Creativity and imagination persisted in the member’s images for this evening.

For example, here is a friar captured in a crystal globe and and a very happy or tired dog16 Pic - Faceless.

A big thank you to Steve for all his work in organizing and displaying the images for the critique and for compiling the results.

You can view all the May 25 images here.


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