New Season Begins

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New Season Begins

On our first meeting of the year, held on September 14, 2015, we welcomed returning members and saw our club grow with the registration of several new members. The year’s schedule and the mentor program was introduced. Club Executive members can be identified by their Blue name badges and Mentors have an Orange mentor label inside their name badge holder.

Caps_4Six of our custom-designed baseball caps have been sold and we have one remaining. To purchase the remaining ball cap, click here. All proceeds go to the club fund for new equipment.

Our President, Harry Vose, encouraged all members to find a Photo Buddy within the club to swap images for post-processing. This valuable learning opportunity will help you see how your buddy would post-process your images and vice versa.

1_barry_salwayThemed images taken throughout the summer were projected for our enjoyment.

The Summer Assignments covered a wide variety of themes such as animals, specific colours, gardens, speed, reflection, mirror, different points of view, intersections, etc. You can enjoy these images by clicking on the Gallery – Summer Assignments.



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