How to Join

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join, no matter your age, skill level nor camera gear; Teenagers to Seniors, newbies to professionals, cell phones to DSLR’s (yes we do in fact have members that fit all of these categories).

It is very easy to join.  Just show up at any one of our meetings, as guests are always welcome to visit for one meeting to meet us.  You likely won’t be the only one, as we typically get 2-3 guests each meeting.  For a list of our meeting dates, please click through the “MEETINGS” menu item above.

When you decide to join the club, you can sign up with our Membership representative at the end of the meeting, or the start of the next meeting.  Individual memberships are $60 for the year, Family Membership for $90 for the year or $35 for 25 years old and younger.

Have more questions?  e-mail

Hope to see you at the next meeting!

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