Special Event – March 26, 2024

John & Lisa Merrill – Evocative Travel Photography: Beyond the Postcard Shot

Tuesday, March 26, 2024 @ 7:00 PM (PST) on Zoom

BIO: John & Lisa Merrill (www.merrillimages.com)

John and Lisa Merrill create images to evoke wonder, inspire action and strengthen communities. Their work is used by travel destinations, outdoor adventure companies and non-profits, and featured in books and magazines around the world.

The Merrill’s are inspiring educators who nurture photographic creativity through online coaching, Pacific Northwest photo walks, workshops and international photo tours. Learn more and view their work at Merrill Images. Merrill Images is a Transformative Travel Council Ally and a member of the North American Nature Photographer’s Association.

PRESENTATIONEvocative Travel Photography: Beyond the Postcard Shot

Join professional travel photographers John and Lisa Merrill to jumpstart your ability to create visual stories of the places you explore and the people you meet. Using examples from assignments and adventures around the world, the Merrill’s will help you harness the transformative power of light, compose for impact, and intentionally make, versus take, photos.

You’ll get tips for compelling portrait, landscape, food, architectural and street photography, and explore using ICM (intentional camera movement) to create impressionistic images. John and Lisa will also discuss ways to use travel photography to foster connection and empowerment, and share techniques for organizing your photos and combining them into captivating stories of your travel adventures to treasure and share.


There will be a limit of 50 guests for this presentation. Fill out this form and you will be emailed after submission to confirm that you are accepted. You will then be requested to e-transfer a payment of $10 CAD to treasurer@tricityphotoclub.ca.

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