2022 – 2023 Meetings

Meeting Location

Meetings for the 2022 – 2023 Season will be held online (via Zoom) or in person at the Coquitlam Continuing Education building (Montgomery Centre, 380 Montgomery St, Coquitlam, BC V3K 5G2)

Meetings are generally held every second and fourth Tuesday evening of the month (excluding statutory holidays) with some additional and different meeting times and dates for 2022 – 2023 as per the schedule below.

Both Zoom Meetings and in-person meetings start at 7:00 PM sharp, with “Doors Open” at 6:30 PM.

Guests are always welcome to visit for a meeting to meet us and find out what we are all about.  Please email membership@tricityphotoclub.ca at least 5 days in advance of the Zoom Meeting that you wish to attend for more information.

Disclaimer:  The meeting schedule is tentative, and subject to change.  We will maintain this list to be as up to date as possible, and as information is available.

Meeting Schedule

(updated 2022-08-25)

September 13 (Tue) – TCPC Meeting – In-Person

  • AGM
  • Summer Challenge Images
  • Meet and Greet

September 23 (Fri) – Midnight Deadline for CAPA images to be sent to competitions@tricityphotoclub.ca to be voted on at the next meeting

September 27 (Tue) – TCPC Meeting – TBD

  • Voting on CAPA images to submit
  • TBD

October 1 (Sat) – CAPA Pacific Zone Open Theme Competition closes.  Images must be submitted.  Competitions Executive will do this.

October 8 (Sat) – LGCC must be notified that TCPC is joining the Nature Competition. Competitions Executive will do this.

October 11 (Tue) – TCPC Meeting – Zoom

Short CAPA Presentation – Carla Hamilton

Presenter – JP Stones – Storytelling for Photographers https://jpstonesphotography.com/workshops/contact-prints-workshops/

October 15 (Sat) – LGCC competition entry fee due.  TCPC Executives will do this.

October 21 (Fri) – Midnight deadline for LGCC images to be sent to competitions@tricityphotoclub.ca for voting at next meeting.

October 21 (Fri) – Midnight deadline for Images to be evaluated by Sue Olson at the next meeting 

October 25 (Tue) – TCPC Meeting – In-person

  • Voting on final 6 images to be submitted to LGCC competition
  • Sue Olsen – Image evaluation

November 1 (Tue) – Final LGCC images to be submitted to LGCC.  Competitions Executive will do this.

November 8 (Tue) – TCPC Meeting – Zoom

Presenter – Dennis Ducklow – Multiply Your Creativity with Double Exposure

November 21 (Mon) – TCPC Meeting – In Person

NOTE: This is a MONDAY meeting instead of our usual Tuesday.

Presenter – Kathryn Mussallem – Lighting

December 13 (Tue) – TCPC Meeting – Zoom

Presenter – Mark Hemmings – IPhone Photography

January 10 (Tue) – TCPC Meeting – Zoom

Presenter – David M Cobb – “Light, Color, Form, and Expression” followed by “photographing in a Forest.”

January 20 (Fri) – MIDNIGHT

  • Images to be considered for the North Shore Photographic Challenge are due.  Send up to three images to competitions@tricityphotoclub.ca

January 24 (Tue) – TCPC Meeting – In Person

  • Presenter – Elizabeth Gray – Long Exposure
  • North Shore Photographic Challenge Voting

February 11 (Sat) – North Shore Photography Challenge Images due.  Images must be submitted.  Competitions Executive will do this.

February 13 (Mon) – TCPC Meeting – In Person

  • Results from My Photo Your Edit
  • Viewing of the Celebration of Nature competition results
  • Presentation on Metal Prints from CS Designs http://csdesigns.biz/ 

February 28 (Tue) – TCPC Meeting – Zoom

Presenter – Rick Hulbert – “The Joy of Symmetry in Photography”

March 14 (Tue) – Montgomery closed for Spring Break.  No meeting.

March 28 (Tue) – TCPC Meeting – In-Person

Presenter – Ian MacDonald – “Journey through PTSD and how photography helped”

April 11 (Tue) – TCPC Meeting – Zoom

Voting for Crescent Beach BW print competition

Presenter – Brad Hill – Ethical Wildlife Photography


April 25 (Tue) – TCPC Meeting – In Person

Presenter – John Saremba – Macro Photography

May 9 (Tue) – TCPC Meeting – Zoom

Presenter – Stephanie Johnson – ICM (Intentional Camera Movement)


May 23 (Tue) – TCPC Meeting – In Person

  • Presenter – Clive Lunn – Analogue Photography
  • Tables set up for each Camera brand so members can learn about and ask questions about each.

June 13 (Tue) – TCPC Meeting – In Person

Presenter – Anna Morgan – Slowing Down: Lessons for letting go of Expectations

June 27 (Tue) – TCPC Meeting – TBD

  • Wrap Up

Coquitlam Continuing Education SD43 (Montgomery Centre)


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